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sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2007

Vangelis – Picasso

Trilha elaborada por Vangelis para documentário sobre Pablo...

Vangelis – Picasso (1982)

01.Pablo Picasso 3'17
02.Toison d'Or 1'38
03.20Šme SiŠcle 4'33
04.Barcelona 2'13
05.Se Nourrir d'Id‚es 2'01
06.Cubisme 1'40
07.l'Art Sert a Sortir De Soi Meme 2'31
08.Le Don De M‚tamorphose 3'20
09.L'icompris 1'00
10.Le Cheminement De La Pens‚e 2'14
11.Les Mennines 1'25
12.Guernica 2'05
13.Hommage 1'02
14.Amour 1'28
15.Perspective 0'34
16.La Montagne 2'46
17.Pablo Picasso 1'18
18.La Derniere Toile 1'25
19.Picasso Peintre 2'38

Another for our Vangelis fans. Picasso was a documentary. And like other documentaries Vangelis did the music for, there are some nice themes and some other more violent hard themes. In general an intersting release. Again an OWM release and sadly the only one for this music available.
"Like one reviewer points out regarding in the "Morandi" OWM release‚"Picasso" is much more of a proper album than many of the other OWMreleases. There is no dialogue and no looping of themes to make themlonger. The music was composed in 1982‚ and therefore is veryreminiscent of some of the sounds in "Blade Runner"(tracks 1 and 17)and even "The Bounty.(tracks 2‚13 and 11)" Many themes are delicate‚and melodious while others are very abstract and almost violent. Vangelis himself has said that music for scores should be heard withinthe context of the images. However‚ while for some releases I agreewith him‚ (such as "De Nuremberg a Nuremberg‚") "Picasso" stands verywell on its own and has some truly wonderful Vangelis moments. "

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