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terça-feira, 9 de setembro de 2008

Taste - Take It Easy Baby [1967]

Take It Easy Baby was taken from their first demo sessions recorded in July 1967. According to linear notes, more tracks were recorded, but they were accidentally erased. These were never originally intended for release, but since Rory Gallagher became well known, someone scrounged in the vaults until they found something they could release. All the tracks were recorded live without any overdubbing.

Line-up :
* Rory Gallagher - lead guitar, mouth organ, vocals
* Eric Kitteringham - bass
* Norman Damery - drums

Track List :
01. Wee Wee Baby
02. How Many More Years
03. Take It Easy Baby
04. You've Got To Pay
05. Worried Man
06. Norman Invasion
07. Pardon Me Mister

Taste - Take It Easy Baby

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