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domingo, 7 de setembro de 2008

Paul McCartney - Cold Cuts [1978]

Compiled by Paul, this bootleg collects the best of Paul's unreleased music from the years 1971-78.

Cold Cuts is probably the best known of the unissued McCartney projects. With a canon of unreleased music rivaled by few other artists, Paul required an outlet for this material. The original concept was the release of a two record set comprising a disc full of hits - Hot Hits, and a second disc of leftovers, B-sides and unreleased material - Kold Kutz. Over the years, three finished lineups of the unreleased material have surfaced, each stronger than its precursor. The first collection was compiled in 1978 and ran roughly sixty minutes, gathering material from 1971 to the present. Due to record company pressure for product, this project was not completed, and Wings Greatest was sent to satisfy the Christmas market. Now known simply as Cold Cuts, the project was once again taken off the shelf following the Back To The Egg sessions. The Linda and Denny vocal spotlights were trimmed along with the instrumental material in favor of Paul's more commercial offerings. The final version to surface hails from the end of 1980 and consists of the same twelve tracks, albeit in a different sequence. It came about after Paul's self-imposed exile earlier in the year, when he pulled the remaining members of Wings together in October of 1980 to once again polish up the old tracks. A listen to these recordings begs the question "why weren't these released!", as most of them are superior to their contemporary relatives. Unfortunately, in the wake of John Lennon's death, the project was shelved again. In late 1987, additional production work was undertaken at Air Studios in London, by Paul, co-producer Chris Thomas and engineer Bill Price. The mixes of 'Mama's Little Girl' and 'Same Time Next Year' which appeared on the 'Put It There' single in February 1990, are from these sessions.
The set presented here is the 1980 version, known by collectors as the "No Baloney" lineup, in reference to the cover artwork used on this unofficial vinyl release."
(Adapted from the booklet of the Pegboy's Cold Cuts version, see:

Track List - All songs by Paul McCartney except track 10 (Nelson/Burch), all overdubs from 1980 -

1. A Love For You 5:28 Taped during the RAM sessions in early 1971.

2. My Carnival 3:39 Taped during the New Orleans "Venus And Mars" sessions in early 1975. Paul was inspired by a song called 'Mardi Gras In New Orleans' by Professor Longhair. Paul also recorded a take of Professor Longhair's composition during these New Orleans sessions and this take was often uncorrectly presented as a demo of "My Carnival".
A final version of "My Carnival" was commercially released as the B-side of 'Spies Like Us' in late 1985.

3. Waterspout 4:49 Taped in late 1977 during the "London Town" recording sessions, it's one of Paul's best unrelased songs. It was planned to be released on his "All The Best" album in 1987, but was finally withdrawn before the album came out.

4. Mama's Little Girl 3:42 Taped in March 1972 during the "Red Rose Speedway" recording sessions. It was performed by Paul during the 73' "James Paul McCartney" TV show.
A commercial version was issued in 1990 as the B-side of the "Put It There" single. This commercial version was also included on the Japan version of "Flowers In The Dirt".

5. Night Out 2:32 Taped in March 1972 during the "Red Rose Speedway" recording sessions, this song remains unreleased.

6. Robber's Ball 3:54 Recorded in May 1980. Unreleased.

7. Cage 3:05 Taped in September 1978 at Lympne Castle during the "Back To The Egg" recording sessions, "Cage" was finally rejected from the album line-up. Still unreleased.

8. Did We Meet Somewhere Before? 5:03 Recorded in Fall 1977, this title was specifically composed as the theme song for the "Heaven Can Wait" movie, but it was finally passed over. Later on, in 1979, it could be heard at the beginning of the Ramones' "Rock & Roll High School" movie but it did not appeared on the soundtrack LP.

9. Hey Diddle 3:44 Redorded during the RAM sessions in late 1970 and brought back during the Nashville recording sessions in Summer 1974. Unreleased.

10. Tragedy 3:17 Written by Nelson/Burch and performed by The Fleetwoods during the '60s, this song was covered by Paul in March 1972 during the "Red Rose Speedway" recording sessions. Still unreleased.

11. Best Friend (Live) 4:01 Recorded during the Wings European tour in 1972 at the Cine Roma in Antwerp, Belgium on August 22nd. The song was recorded in order to be included on Red Rose Speedway. Still unreleased.

12. Same Time Next Year 3:09 Taped on May 5th, 1978, during the first session of the new Wings' line-up. It was recorded as the title track for a movie but it was ultimately rejected.
A commercial version was issued in 1990 as the B-side of the "Put It There" single. This commercial version was also included on the Japan version of "Flowers In The Dirt".

Paul McCartney - Cold Cuts

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Neide disse...

Que delícia, nem acredito...entro no blog agora e me deparo com um post seu!

Obrigada Woody! Vc acredita se eu te disser que não tenho praticamente nada do Paul McCartney? Eu devo ser uma alienígena...rss

Como confio plenamente nas suas indicações e no seu bom gosto, tenho certeza que este boot deve conter performances de grande qualidade. Obrigada amigo, sempre aprendo muita coisa com vc!


woody disse...

Oi Neide!
Olha esse não um dos melhores bootlegs do McCartney, mas é um disco interessante.

Espero q vc curta.