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sábado, 26 de abril de 2008

Mushroom - 'Early One Morning.....' 1973

Here's a long forgotten sole album on CD reissue from a little known Irish art rock / progressive psych band. I actually came across this oddity in a Hastings music store for like $5, guess they didn't realize exactly what this title was. Tracks off this import that did something for me were the title cut "Early One Morning", "Unborn Child", the Celtic folkish "Tenpenny Piece" and "King Of Alba". Should maybe appeal to fans of Third Ear Band, Fairport Convention and the Strawbs. Line-up: Alan Brown-guitar, bass & vocals, Pat Collins-mandolin, violin, sound effects & vocals, Michael Power-organ & moog, Aengus McNally-guitar, tin whistle and vocals and Colm Lynch-percussion & wood chimes. Nice!

1. Early One Morning
2. Liothdón
3. Crying
4. Unborn Child
5. Johnny the Jumper
6. Potter's Wheel
7. Standing Alone
8. Devil Among the Jailors
9. Tenpenny Piece
10. Drowsey Maggie
11. King of Alba

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