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sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2008

Velvet Underground Bootlegs

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La Cave (1968)

Agradecimentos especiais à Elric, o Viking,
por ter subido o link para o La Cave...muito obrigada amigo!!
E também, obviamente, ao nosso novo companheiro
aqui no Portfolio, meu querido amigo Ribeiro.
Espero continuar sempre tendo o delicioso prazer de desenvolver
inúmeros posts com você....
01 - Move Right In 02:41
02 - I Can't Stand It 07:58
03 - What Goes On 05:27
04 - Waiting For The Man 06:08
05 - Pale Blue Eyes 07:36
06 - Foggy Notion 10:55
07 – Heroin 07:18
08 – Jesus 05:26
09 - Venus In Furs 04:13
10 - Beginning to See the light 06:30
11 - Sister Ray 10:38
12 - Story of My Life 01:57

"In the period of April '67 to Mar '69 the Velvets played Cleveland 7 times. After an appearance with the Exploding Plastic Inevitable at Public Hall, they returned 5 times to play a basement club called La Cave, situated between a ghetto and the Cleveland Orchestra's home, Severance Hall. Located beneath the local social security offices, the former coffee house was virtually the only place during that period in which the band could play, the only other options being the Music Hall, a 3,000 seat auditorium, and the 10,000 seat Public Hall which was more suited to circuses and expositions. La Cave's dimensions were 60'x125' with a seating capacity of 250-300. The club would generally book rock bands to play Fri-Sat, two shows a night with an occasional 3:00 Sunday afternoon show. For the mere sum of $3.50 entrance was gained to a dimly lit rectangle with burlap and church pews covering one long wall, the stage on the other, and tables in between. The PA was Voice Of the Theaters powered by a low tech amp and mixed by a rudimentary board. The stage was a platform 10 inch high with barely enough room for the Velvets stage gear, which was comprised at first of double cabinet Vox amps, later changed to Acoustic amps. The drums had to be put on Lou's right, on the floor next to the PA cabinet. On Oct 4, 1968 the VU came in for another 3 day stand. With Cale being given the boot in late August, this marks Yule's first public appearance with the band, and Reed rose magnificently to the occasion with marvelous guitarwork and much more forceful vocals than had been his wont. Sterling put the finishing touches on his bid for the title of the worlds greatest rhythm guitarist." (Texto retirado daqui )

Melody Laughter Live (1966)

01 Femme Fatale
02 Venus In Furs
03 Melody Laughter
04 The Black Angel's Death Song
05 All Tomorrow's Parties

Total Playing Time 47:42 All songs by L. Reed, J. Cale, M. Tucker, S. Morrison

(Velvet Underground) --- Live In Columbus, Ohio U.S.A. 1966

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