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domingo, 18 de maio de 2008

Dom - 1970 - Edge Of Time (German Space Rock).

One of the lesser known treasures to emerge out of the extremely fertile early 70's krautrock scene, Dom's only LP 'Edge of Time' was released on the German Melocord label in 1971. Often compared to Pink Floyds spacier moments 'Edge of Time' utilizes mainly acoustic instruments and organ giving the album a wonderful overall acid folk vibe. Four long form gradually building pieces that range from celestial and meditative to the melancholy and hallucinatory. A wonderful voyage whether you're looking to space out or sink in. Classic.

Laszlo Baksay - Bass, Lyrics, Vocals
Gabor Baksay - Percussion, Flute, Vocals
Reiner Puzalowski - Guitar, Flute, Vocals
Hans Georg Stopka - Organ, Guitar, Vocals
* Gregor Jabs - co-composer on "Let Me Explain"

01 - Introitus
02 - Silence
03 - Edge Of Time
04 - Dream
05 - Flötenmenschen 1
06 - Flötenmenschen 2
07 - Flötenmenschen 3
08 - Flötenmenschen 4
09 - Let Me Explain

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