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segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2008

Pink Floyd – Live in Rotterdam, 1967

“This concert, though an audience recording documents an important aspect of Pink Floyd live, that they would turn their pop songs into 10 minute noise jams. This is one of only two complete Pink Floyd concerts with Syd Barrett that circulate among collectors. Interestingly enough besides the live versions of unreleased songs ("Scream Thy Last Scream" would be a favorite cover song of 80's neo psychedelic and post punk bands), Roger Waters takes the helm at one of the first (not the first, that would be a brief July 1967 radio broadcast) live performances of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" before it was even recorded in the studio. This was early on so there was probably a light show (as circulating videos of tv appearences show) but no shark jumping stuff like flying pigs. Who knows what the band would go onto if Syd had been able to keep things together and continue to lead the band.” (Rate Your Music)

***A qualidade da gravação não é das melhores,
mas vale baixar como registro histórico.***

Pink Floyd – Live in Rotterdam (13/11/1967)

1. Reaction in G 4:07
2. Pow r toc h 11:12
3. Scream Thy Last Scream (old woman with a casket) 4:38
4. Set the controls for the heart of the sun 8:52
5. Interstellar overdrive 14:02

(As fotos do público são de Rotterdam, mas do Festival de 1970…)

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